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Capture Special Moments – Newborn Photography in Singapore

After waiting months for the arrival of your little one, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with awe when they finally enter the world. Those little toes and fingers! Their soft skin!

While it may seem like your newborn will stay small forever, all mamas know the time seems to quickly slip away. Scheduling a newborn photography session is one of the best ways to capture this precious time with your new little bundle of joy.

If you’re not sure what a newborn shoot entails or if it’s worth it, don’t fret. We’re going to answer all of your questions and provide a list of some of the best newborn photographers in Singapore.

Why Schedule a Professional Newborn Photoshoot?

Whether you like it or not, newborns seem to grow up right before our eyes. Sure, some moments may seem to drag on, but before you know it your little one will be smiling, rolling over, and trying their first foods!

Professional shots of your newborn let you capture these moments so they can last a lifetime. Plus, they take the burden off you and allow an experienced photographer to direct the whole process.

How Much Does a Newborn Photoshoot Cost?

The exact cost of your photoshoot will depend on factors including the length of the shoot, the number of photos, and whether you will be doing family portraits. Another factor that impacts price is whether the shoot is done in a studio, outdoor or in the comfort of your own home.

With all that in mind, professional newborn sessions start at around $200 and can cost upwards of $1000.

Best Newborn Photographers in Singapore

If you don’t know where to start with newborn photography, check out this list of top-notch Singapore photographers. They all have experience working with newborn babies, and they’re excellent at putting your whole family at ease. Plus, many of these photographers offer family photography, so you can work with the same person to capture milestones as your kids grow.

To get a sense of each photographer’s work, check out their online portfolio.

White Room Studio

The photography team at White Room Studio works out of a gorgeous studio space in a Peranakan shophouse filled with natural light.

They offer a $450 newborn package that includes a 2-hour photography session, personalized viewing, and limited prints. This package allows you to include up to four other people and/or pets, including parents and siblings.

Bambini Photograph

Bambini Photography offers all sorts of newborn photography options from minimalist backdrops that let your baby shine to themed outfits to black and white fine art photos.

If you’re looking for something extra special, check out Bambini’s 100-day baby milk bath photoshoots. These shoots utilize opaque water and bright flower petals to add a magical element to photographs. We think a milk bath is a perfect way to create a unique maternity shoot or bring some fun to a baby photoshoot.

MamaMiyo Photography

MamaMiyo Photography offers classic newborn photography as well as fun sessions that utilize their wide collection of outfits and costumes. If you’d love a cute photo of your little one dressed as an Astronaut, Superman, or Zodiac animals, MamaMiyo can make it happen.

For families who want to capture their newborn without spending too much, Mamamiyo offers a $200 newborn mini family session that includes 45 minutes of studio time, props, and backdrops. This package doesn’t include any solo photos of your baby, but it’s perfect for capturing the special moments as a new family.

If you do want individual photos of your newborn, MamaMiyo offers packages that include longer shoot times that allow photographers to capture both family portraits and solo photos of your newborn.

ABC Photography

The professional photographers at ABC specialize in portraits that capture the magic of the human spirit. They offer a $500 newborn package that includes a two-hour session complete with both four different sets of solo newborn photos as well as a family photo.

This package also includes an album filled with 10 4×6 prints as well as a framed poster print and digital soft copies of the photos.

Littleones Photography

As the name suggests, Littleones Photography specializes in capturing kids of all ages. Their boutique studio will make your whole family feel comfortable, leading to natural-looking photos complete with stunning lighting.

They offer a $300 package that includes an hour-long shoot as well as a review of photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Age for Newborn Photos?

There’s no set rule on the best age for newborn photos, but many people think between 5-15 days old is a good age. Of course, your little one will still look adorable if you take photos when they are a little older.

If you want to capture your baby during their first few weeks on earth, you should find a photographer you like and then schedule an appointment during the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. Many professionals who offer maternity photography also provide newborn photography, so you can develop a relationship with your photographer before the newborn shoot.

How Long Do Newborn Photo Sessions Take?

This all depends on your baby and the length of session you’re paying for. If your little one is cooperative, your photographer may be able to snap some adorable photos in less than 30 minutes. But as you likely know, there’s no guarantee your baby will cooperate!

If you’re hoping for photos in multiple outfits as well as photos with other family members, be prepared for a session that lasts a few hours.

Do Photoshoots Include Prints or Albums?

Many photographers offer packages that include a set number of prints and/or photo albums, as well as digital copies, but you need to look at the specific details. Most professionals will give you an option to order extra prints as well as photos on canvas, metal, or glass.

Do Hospitals Offer Newborn Photography?

We know of some hospitals such as Thomson Medical that offer newborn photography as part of their birth package hospitals. Otherwise, you can also hire a professional photographer for a “fresh 48” photoshoot. If you choose this service, your photographer will work off your due date to make themselves available for the first few hours of your baby’s time with you.

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