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Review Posting Policy

Please read this policy carefully before posting any review. SGbabyreview reserves the right to change the content of this policy without notice. By using our website and registering an account with us, you agree to and adhere to the terms and conditions and other guidelines and notices on the site. We reserve the right to remove and reject reviews or other content found on the site, as well as the right to deactivate or delete member accounts, without any prior notice.

Personal attacks, vulgarities, offensive content

Personal attacks, insults and threats directed at other people, groups, or staff of companies are forbidden. Criticisms of other people’s race, nationality, religion, culture, beliefs etc are not tolerated as well. Any form of vulgarities and offensive content are not allowed. Reviews that contain any of the aforementioned will be removed without notice. SGbabyreview advocates an inclusive online community that respects and supports one another.

Irrelevant content

Content of the submitted reviews has to be original and relate to your own personal experience with the product or services. You should not copy or plagiarise other people’s content. You should be objective and tactful when writing a review. See our Review Guidelines for tips on writing a review.

Suspicious marketing & advertising reviews

Posting of any marketing, promotional, and advertising-related materials are not allowed. Overly positive reviews suspected to be related to marketing purposes will be removed as well. We take steps to ensure all reviews found on the site are genuine and honest to help parents make informed decisions.

Posting spams

Be specific and concise when posting reviews, comments, questions and answers on the site. Please restrain from flooding the site with pointless posts that provide no value to the discussion.

Duplicate accounts

Do not create more than one account per user. You can update your email address in your profile settings. Alternatively, If you have forgotten your password or username, you can click here to do a reset.

Removal requests

We assess all reasoned requests pertaining to removal of user content thoroughly. If you believe a review or content has violated our Review Posting Policy, has infringed someone’s right or has violated the law, please do not hesitate to report it by clicking on the flag icon on each post. We appreciate if you could also share with us the reason for flagging by providing factual evidence or details (if any). This is critical to speed up the investigation process and help us in making informed decisions. Be rest assured that we will look into each and every request seriously, please drop us an email if you have other concerns.

Personal details

You should never reveal personal details such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses etc of yours as well as other people on this site.

Authentication of reviews

To safeguard the integrity of our website and ensure that we meet our objective of providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for users, we may conduct checks to authenticate a review. We may request reviewers to provide additional information to confirm that he/she has purchased a product or has used a service. The information collected will be kept confidential as stipulated in our Privacy Policy.

Last updated September 1 2020.